If you’re looking to make changes in your life, be it financial, romantic or anything else, it’s easy to make plans. The hard part is working hard to achieve your goals. So, what separates the champs from all the rest? I’m glad you asked. In this video you will find 5 easy steps to achieve any goal (continue reading or watch the video).

  1. Be very specific about your goal. Don’t simply say, “I want to exercise more.” Instead, “I want to be able to do 100 push-ups by the summer”. Being specific helps you get to your goal in a practical way and know the things you need to do to achieve it.
  2. Take baby steps towards your goal. Most goals sound big, hard and even scary. Breaking them up into bite-size pieces makes them more realistic and achievable. For example, finding a new love interest might involve joining an on-line dating site, telling all your friends and relatives that you’re actively looking, etc.
  3. Write it all down and keep it in plain view. Somehow when we write things down it makes them more real, and writing your goals turns them into a commitment. To help keep your goals top of mind, try posting the written notes on your fridge or bathroom mirror.
  4. Make it your daily routine. Use the power of habit to achieve your goals. Once the steps eventually become something you’re not comfortable doing without, then you’re on your way to success!
  5. Reward yourself along the way. Set milestones at regular intervals and give yourself little incentives (that don’t contradict your final goal). And when you reach that final goal, celebrate big with family and friends!

And there you go—those are your 5 simple steps to achieve your goals.

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