Your Bank Says NO?
I Say Mortgage APPROVED!

As a Mortgage Agent I help you find the best mortgage deals!

No matter what your situation: good credit, poor credit or no credit, I have mortgage lenders competing to finance your home purchase, refinance, a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage!

Client Reviews and Testimonials

  • George BigelowGoogle Review

    Fast, and reliable, responsive and very professional and pleasant to deal with. Very grateful for the hard work and helping us out and finalizing the mortgage for our new home.

  • Stephen P.

    Boris was a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend highly recommend to anyone. He gets the job done !

  • Cherylene S.

    I really appreciate the prompt and efficient service received anytime I'm working with Boris. He's knowledgeable, quick to respond and goes beyond my expectations. His priority is to be tops in his field!

  • Lubos S.

    It was enjoyable to work with Boris Mahovac.

  • Zuzana S.

    I had good experience. Boris Mahovac was very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Lisa J.

    Boris was amazing! He finds the best financial institution, the best deal for your situation. Very knowledgeable and works in your best interests. I have recommended Boris to friends and family.

  • Matt Busch

    Boris always looks out for my clients’ best interest by finding them the right solution for their particular needs.

  • Robert Busch

    Boris was the most helpful, knowledgeable broker I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you Boris for your service and wish you all the best as you earned it. All the best Bob Busch

  • Dean J.

    Boris helped tremendously! Very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile for his clients. Definitely recommend Boris for any financial endeavours.

  • Jeyanesan B.

    Boris went out of the way to meet our needs.

  • Scott M.

    We have known each other for many years now and it was long overdue that I tell you how much I appreciate your Newsletter. The February edition just arrived and I went through it end to end. Your Personal Note from Boris really made it's mark with me. Thank you Boris - Everyone should take a read!

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Mortgage Purchase, Renewal or Switch

When it’s time to get a new mortgage or pre-approval for your home purchase, mortgage refinance or a switch to a different lender, I’m here to find the best rate, the best options and more.

Self-Employed person working from home

Mortgages for the Self-Employed

Self-employed professionals have a hard time getting approved for a mortgage. As a mortgage agent I have access to many lenders who provide mortgage solutions tailored to your unique situation.

first time home buyers

First Time Buyers I Can Help with Downpayment

You have made the right choice! Buying your home vs. renting has endless self rewards. Let me be your trusted adviser and guide you through the maze of mortgage options and documents.

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Having equity in your home is great! You can get that basement finished, live-in nanny suite added or just get a vacation of a lifetime. Equity loans, lines of credit and other second mortgages available!

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A Mortgage Agent work with a multitude of lenders

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My normal business hours are 9am to 9pm. If you contact me during those times I guarantee a response within 30 minutes. Outside of these regular business hours It may be a few hours until you get a reply. If you're really in a hurry - like your bank just refused to approve your mortgage - please text me a quick message with the story and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

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