Mortgage Interest Rates

While we offer the best mortgage interest rates in the industry, obtaining the lowest rate does not guarantee the lowest total cost. Additionally, the lowest mortgage rates are not available to all borrowers. You also need to consider the following:

  1. What is your credit score? A high score will qualify you for the lowest rates.
  2. What is the mortgage term you’re considering? A 1-year open mortgage will have a higher rate than 5-year closed mortgage.
  3. Are you obtaining the right term based on your plans and objectives?
  4. Should you choose a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage?
  5. Does it have the right features – portability, assumable, prepayment, etc.?
  6. Is it tax efficient? Can you make your mortgage tax deductible?
  7. Is it better to go for a lower interest rate or lower payments?

There are many lenders in Canada each offering different rates, terms and features. You need a mortgage broker who will guide you through the maze of mortgage products. Let me analyze your financial situation and objectives so you obtain the best value for your mortgage. Get great rates and build wealth through your mortgage.

Compare Our Mortgage Rates vs. the Banks

Prime 2.70% Bank Posted Our Rate
Variable 2.60% 2.10% Apply Now!
1 Year Fixed 3.04% 2.29% Apply Now!
2 Year Fixed 2.84% 2.49% Apply Now!
3 Year Fixed 3.44% 2.59% Apply Now!
5 Year Fixed 2.84% 2.64% Apply Now!
7 Year Fixed 5.30% 3.09% Apply Now!
10 Year Fixed 6.10% 3.84% Apply Now!

O.A.C. and subject to change without notice. Last updated: February 1, 2017

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